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GEAR's mission is to make automation native to multiple business scenarios by developing a common & open automation language for it. We will bring our contribution to the industry when it comes down to the way of performing a task.


Build and successfully implement automation solutions for several industries, scenarios and business facets.


We are a small focused team trying to make a big impact with our solutions. Our backgrounds are in networks, telecoms, computers and engineering.


We build custom-fit automation by re-using our core components given the industry flavor and integrate further for one-stop solutions.


Our services are in direct relation to our use-cases with Automation As A Service as main one


Automation as a Service is our flag-ship service we offer around several verticals for diverse scenarios. It is based on our core automation products.


As a one stop point for automation we offer integration of our solution with the help of our partners be it enterprise or infrastructure owners/operators.

Video Automation

Mainly designed for medium and large enterprise level businesses this service is our entry point for automating video via one single central point.

Automated UAV Inspection

Monitor your infrastructure with no real pre-investment by using fleets of drones

Transmission Design

As part of our one-stop point for automation we can focus on particular Data Tranmissions solutions via optical, radio or copper medium networks

Network Automation

This service is mainly designed to improve visibility and make operations more efficient across networks at several layers with an end-to-end approach.

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Interested on how GEAR will add value to your business by automation ? Let us know how we can help and we will prepare the necessary to present you with some of our best options. Start by aligning deliverables, the needed quality or get a quote using our form.


GEAR has four main use-cases in its approach to markets by levarging its core products such as modular drones and automation modules

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  • :: Automate
  • :: Inspect
  • :: Integrate
  • :: Operate


We are present in The Netherlands

Gelissendomein 8, Bus 86
6229 GJ, Maastricht, The Netherlands

+31 43 7600 106

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